Sto Systems in Washington State & Northern Idaho

Evergreen Building Products is the premier provider of Sto exterior systems, specialty coatings, and Stoguard air and moisture barriers throughout Washington and Northern Idaho. Sto developed the first continuous insulation and finish system in the early 1960s and has become the expert in exterior thermal insulation systems. Today, building science experts agree that continuous exterior insulation is the most effective way to insulate the building envelope for energy savings.

Advanced Cavity Wall Systems

Building Science has advanced our understanding of wall construction. Drainage planes placed over a waterproof air barrier along with continuous insulation that meets the new energy codes and provides a solution for sustainable wall construction.

Air and Moisture Barriers

Sto offers a full range of air and moisture barrier products to protect your building from moisture intrusion and air leakage. Sto’s fluid applied membrane is an air barrier and a wall moisture barrier that is structural and continuous, so it won’t rip or tear away from the sheathing like traditional housewraps or building papers.


Sto provides a full line of high performance coatings including primers, acrylic, and elastomeric coatings that provide protection and beauty for your building. Sto’s patented Lotusan coating provides superior self-cleaning properties.


Through Sto’s restore program we offer a full line of stucco and EIFS repair products to meet your restoration needs. From surface leveling to crack repair we can help with your reclad or renovation project.

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